Contemporary Bathrooms

The photo on the  left was designed for a client with a 1970’s split level home.  The lower level of the home did not have a bathroom but did have a very large laundry room.  What we did was cut the size of the laundry room in half to add a nice 3/4 bath.  This vanity fits in with the 70’s era by having a dark slab door, but is also a very contemporary look for today’s time as well.  We were able to create a glamorous bathroom which fit the design needs and functionality of this client’s home.

Bellmont’s 1600 line / Metro Door – Cherry Wood / Granite Countertop

Contemporary Baths

The photo on the right was designed for a client’s powder room.  She wanted to create a space that would be functional for every day use and also cater to guests staying with them.  This 3/4 bath offers a very sleek and clean look.  We created a space for plenty of storage in the drawers while also allowing for an open area to store baskets and bins.  This beautiful contemporary vanity is one of my most favorite vanity designs yet.

Bellmont Cabinetry / Metro Door – Maple Wood / Quartz Countertop

Contemporary Baths


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