Coast to Coast Design is now on Houzz!

Houzz is the new leading website for homeowners to access design concepts within their area.  By creating an Ideabook, you can now keep all your favorite design ideas in one location.  This is the perfect way to begin the planning process for any large home renovation.

This is also a great way to inform your Kitchen and Bath Designer just what you like and want to see in your  home renovation design.  With so many choices for cabinetry, countertops, and so on, it can be overwhelming to sort through all that information.  Ideabooks allow you to sort through all the latest and greatest items on your own time.  Once you’re ready to meet with a designer then the process will go that much smoother since the designer will have an idea of exactly what you have in mind.

I recommend checking out Houzz and starting an Ideabook for your upcoming home renovations!

Check out Coast to Coast Design on Houzz:

houzz interior design ideas


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