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October 2016 Newsletter

Schedule Changes

Just another reminder for those of you that haven’t seen me lately, my wonderful husband and I are expecting our first child this November.  As we prepare to meet baby girl, I need to make some changes to my schedule moving forward.

As of now I will be working part-time for the remainder of my pregnancy.  Things are getting much more challenging for me the closer I get to my due date.

If you are currently working with me on a project that is scheduled to start between now and December PLEASE reach out to me asap so that we can get any final changes made and orders placed.  In the next couple weeks I will truly be in standby mode awaiting baby’s arrival.  To avoid any issues with project timing I ask that you please be prepared to get final orders placed by the end of October.

Updates & Changes

In order for me to better serve you while I prepare for baby, here are some changes as of now:
Clients with projects in progress: For those of you that are currently mid-remodel I will still be available to you and my maternity leave shouldn’t affect your project.

Clients with upcoming start dates: As for those of you that are in line with one of my four amazing contractors and have scheduled project start dates soon, I will still continue to do my very best in assisting you.  If your project is scheduled to start anytime now through the end of the year please contact me, if you haven’t already, to schedule our final meetings to make sure everything is on order and set to go when you need it.  My goal is to help you with any final design choices and place product orders by Oct. 31st.  I want to be sure that I am serving you to the best of my ability so getting all these decisions finalized by the end of October will mean an easier and smoother project transition from design phase to construction.  Inevitably there will be things the come up, however if we can work to minimize those things in advance it will be much easier and less stressful for all involved.

Potential Clients / Projects Starting in the New Year of 2017: For those of you that are just in the beginning design phases, I will continue to advise you on what we need to do in order to keep your project on track for the first of the year.  If we plan ahead now it will be much easier to keep you on schedule.  As many of you know, my recommended contractors are fully booked through the end of the year.  The planning phase can continue while we are waiting on their schedules to open up.

Maternity Leave: I am currently planning my maternity leave to start on November 1st through the end of January.  I intend to remain up to date with projects and available as needed, but much of this time will be used to adjust and recover.  Being the owner of a small business, I don’t expect to remain fully unplugged during my entire maternity leave; however, I do have to be realistic with myself and take this time to bond with baby and adjust to the changes ahead.

Contact Information: As always you will be able to reach me via email or phone.  I just ask that you are patient with me as I do my best to respond to each and every one of you during my maternity leave.

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