Interior Design

Coast to Coast Design offers residential interior design services as well.  Having an eye for design doesn’t come easy to everyone so we’re here to help.  We offer a one hour free consultation to discuss your needs and expectations for the project.  Contact us today to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.

Services offered in Interior Design:
  • Space planning, where we come in and measure your space to provide you with a floor plan.  This helps us allocate the correct amount of space each item in the room will require.
  • Help you with decisions on selections of finish items, color choices, and products for your home.  You select the items you want/like and we help narrow those decisions down.
  • For a set hourly fee we can plan a shopping trip where we go together and look at materials or products you want in your space.  This option allows you to get a second opinion on an item, and see how it looks and fits in  your space before you purchase it.

Family Room Design